AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta2

It has been a month since AMP plugin v1.0-beta1 was released, and today this is followed up with the v1.0-beta2 release. What Changed Changes in this release include: Add ‘Enable AMP’ toggle in Gutenberg editor; it previously only appeared on in the classic editor. Also fix Gutenberg integrations due to removal of deprecated APIs. (#1275, #1308) … Continue reading AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta2

AMP Up – Converting to Native AMP

Our experience converting to Native AMP with the AMP WordPress plugin. We’ve been working with Google and Automattic on the AMP for WordPress plugin for a little over 6 months. We were brought onboard to improve the functionality and user experience of the plugin and bring it inline with the many recent enhancements of the … Continue reading AMP Up – Converting to Native AMP

AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta1

Happy 6th of July! We appreciated the community support and feedback at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, and have been hard at work to refine the plugin since our v1.0-alpha release last month. For this v1.0-beta1 release, XWP, Google and Automattic have added a few usability features and made a host of little fixes and enhancements. … Continue reading AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta1

Speed Up PHPUnit Tests by Emptying Uploads Directory

tl;dr Periodically empty out the uploads directory in your WordPress dev environment to speed up PHPUnit tests. Over the past few months of working on the AMP plugin for WordPress, I’ve been noticing that PHPUnit has been running slower and slower over time. Well, today this frog jumped out of the boiling water: I decided … Continue reading Speed Up PHPUnit Tests by Emptying Uploads Directory

AMP Plugin Release v1.0-alpha1

This early release, v1.0-alpha1, is a little present to those who’ve been testing, playing and adopting AMP into their WordPress websites: We’ve got even more support for AMP theme support, including support for core themes, a big update to the compatibility tool and extended Gutenberg support! 🎉 It’s still early and we’re not done with … Continue reading AMP Plugin Release v1.0-alpha1

WordPress AMP Plugin 0.7 Release

Native AMP + compatibility tool have arrived! Automattic, Google and XWP are very excited to announce the v0.7 release of the AMP for WordPress plugin, available now for installation. This major release includes initial support for Native AMP, and just like our last release it adds several features that make it easy to adapt AMP … Continue reading WordPress AMP Plugin 0.7 Release

WordPress AMP Plugin 0.7-RC1

Summary of the release We’re now calling for testing of 0.7 Release Candidate 1 (v0.7-RC1) which continues to address user-reported issues for the WordPress AMP plugin. This release adds features and fixes to v0.7-beta1 and should be the last beta before 0.7 is released. In v0.7-beta1, we added support for Native AMP (previously called “AMP … Continue reading WordPress AMP Plugin 0.7-RC1