AMP 1.0-RC2 release

AMP Plugin Release v1.0-RC2

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Get the performance of AMP on much more of your site. Here’s a chance to test how your site can get the benefits of AMP, and look the same as in non-AMP.

This 1.0-RC2 release is a step closer to the stable (production) 1.0 release.

This is your chance to test the AMP plugin on your site, and provide feedback on issues you might find, while there’s still time to address them.

With this plugin, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, and Twenty Seventeen are fully AMP-compatible:

twenty-seventeen with AMP
Twenty Seventeen with AMP: Looks and functions the same

And this version 1.0 has a workflow to make any theme AMP-compatible.

Testing With Your Site

To see how your site can have a much fuller AMP experience, please upload this pre-release file to a staging site.

We would appreciate your feedback. Please report any bug you find by opening an issue.

Changes In This Release

  • Amend AMP style elements with sourceURL comment for DevTools to be able to perform CSS code coverage (1584)
  • Address issue where a <ul> is converted to an <amp-carousel> (1529)
  • Fix integration with WordPress 5.0 (1520)
  • Fixing minor typo in Readme (1514)
  • Make the default layout responsive for the <amp-ooyala-player> block (1585)
  • Add default values for AMP Timeago block (1586)

Here are the merged pull requests since the 1.0-RC1 release, and here are all of the pull requests in version 1.0.

1.0 Releases

Not Yet Ready For Production

Please only test this in a non-production environment. With your feedback and testing, we plan to have a stable release ready for you soon.

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  1. I think it’s very exciting to have these kinds of tools for designing websites. Are you able to do a post about website structure for AMP?

    I am looking into how to best implement AMP for my web presence and also in my clients websites.

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