1.0-RC4 release

AMP Plugin Release v1.0-RC4

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This release of the AMP plugin makes it easier to use your own theme with AMP, and has better notifications in the editor.

A recent improvement removes extra style rules, making it easier to use your own theme’s styling in AMP.

To test this, please upload this pre-release file to a staging site.

Your feedback would be helpful leading up to the stable release. You can report a bug by opening an issue.

Changes In This Release

  • Remove empty media queries. (1423, 1619)
  • Update PHP-CSS-Parser and include tree shaker effectiveness in style[amp-custom] manifest comment. (1650)
  • Update contributing.md and add code of conduct. (1649)
  • Remove block editor responsive embed styling. (1683)
  • Rework displaying block validation messages. (1682)
  • Update generated tags file to 767. (1665)
  • Look in entire document for Schema.org metadata not just head. (1664 )
  • Improve organization of third party code. (1657)
  • Address an issue with an invalid embed. (1661)
  • Move AMP Settings in editor to after default settings. (1652 )
  • Eliminate obsolete sudo:false from Travis config. (1651 )
  • Fix Twenty Seventeen featured image display. (1677)
  • Fix block and page-level validation notices. (1676)

Here are the merged pull requests since the 1.0-RC3 release, and here are all of the pull requests in version 1.0.

1.0 RC Releases

Only For Testing

Please only test this on a non-production site. With your help, there will be a stable release soon.

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