WordPress AMP 1.0-RC1 release

AMP Plugin Release v1.0-RC1

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Get an early look at how you can possibly run your entire site as AMP, using your own theme.

This 1.0-RC1 release is the last one planned before the stable (production) 1.0 release.

It’s your chance to ensure it works well on your site, and let us know if there’s an issue.

See It On Your Site

To test this, please upload this pre-release amp.zip file to a staging site.

If you find a bug or would like a new feature, please open an issue in the repository.

Changes In This Release

  • Improve styling of Compatibility Tool pages (1462)
  • Add new status icons (1471)
  • Re-use styling for unmoderated comments to apply to new accepted/rejected validation errors (1458)
  • Fix generation of validation error when element has multiple invalid attributes (1461)
  • Rename AMP Invalid URLs to AMP Validated URLs (1487)
  • Prevent empty term status from being interpreted as new-rejected during bulk change (1460)
  • Discontinue using ‘latest’ version of component scripts (1464)
  • Fix title display of Invalid URL page (1463)
  • Add native/paired/classic mode to AMP generator meta (1465)
  • Fix incorrect attribution of theme as source for content validation errors (1467)
  • Fix conversion of video to amp-video (1477)
  • Add new icon, text, and style to splash notice (1470)
  • Update spec from revision 720 to 734 (1475)
  • Fix tooltip position (1472)

Here are the merged pull requests since the 1.0-beta4 release, and here are all of the pull requests in version 1.0.

Beta Releases

Not Yet Production-Ready

Although this is a release candidate, it’s not quite ready to run on production. With your help, this will be ready for a stable release soon.

2 thoughts on “AMP Plugin Release v1.0-RC1”

  1. Hello,
    I’m building my web site using this version “1.0-RC1”.
    But I don’t know how to make my category archive page into AMP.
    This version can’t make that system automatically?

    1. Hi Musashi,
      Thanks a lot for using this plugin.

      In AMP Settings, is either ‘Native’ or ‘Paired’ selected as the Template Mode?

      Also, please ensure that either ‘Serve all templates as AMP…’ is checked, or ‘Categories’ is selected when you uncheck it.

      Here’s a screenshot of this:

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