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For our VIP client workflows, once VIP has done a deployment the process is to transition all issues from “In VIP Review” over to “To Verify In Production”. To do this, I query for all issues in In VIP Review [status = "In VIP Review"] and do a bulk edit to transition them to “To Verify in Production”.

Once the status transition has been made, how can that list of newly-deployed tickets be referenced since they’re now all merged with the other “To Verify In Production” tickets? Here’s a solution: a bookmarklet that captures the all of the JIRA issues in the current view and creates a new JIRA query out of them. Here’s the code:

javascript: window.location.href = location.protocol + '//' + + '/issues/?jql=' + encodeURIComponent( 'issue IN (' + jQuery( '.issuekey' ), function( el ) { return jQuery.trim( jQuery( el ).text() ); } ).join( ', ' ) + ' )' )

It creates a JIRA query like:

issue IN (FOO-3686, FOO-3685, FOO-3662, FOO-3657, FOO-3629, FOO-3564, FOO-3367, FOO-1864)

You can then share the link to the current query and it will serve as a permalink to the issues that were in the query.

This will help us to easily share around snapshot lists of JIRA tickets.


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