AMP Plugin Release v1.0-beta3

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Update: v1.0-beta4 is available for beta testing.

Last month we released the AMP plugin 1.0-beta2, just like the previous month we released 1.0-beta1, and today these are followed up with the 1.0-beta3 release.

This version includes all work thus far for the v1.0 stable release. Active work is underway on an updated validation error workflow, which you can expect to see in 1.0-beta4.

What Changed

Changes in this release include:

  1. Add WP-CLI command (wp amp validate-site) for testing the AMP compatibility of an entire site. (#1183, #1007)
  2. Fetch CSS over HTTP when URL lacks extension; convert font CDN stylesheets @imports to convert to links instead of fetching. (#1357, #1317)
  3. Add embed support for Twitter timelines via new amp-twitter attributes. (#1396)
  4. Update the validator spec version to 720 and AMP v1534879991178; add support for reference points. (#1315, #1386, #1330)
  5. Display when validation results are stale due to active theme/plugin changes. (#1375)
  6. Detect ineffectual post-processor response cache due to high MISS rates and auto-disable. (#1325, #1239)
  7. Add error type filters on validation error and invalid URL screens. (#1373)
  8. Normalize ‘ver’ query param in script/style validation errors to prevent recurrence after accepted. (#1346)
  9. Skip Server-Timing header if not WP_DEBUG and user cannot manage_options. (#1354)
  10. Store validation errors in order of occurrence in document. (#1335)
  11. Fix inability to move link element due to assigned parent. (#1322)
  12. Fix stretched images in Twenty Seventeen theme and Gutenberg. (#1321, #1281, #1237)
  13. Fix image dimension extractor so it does not disregard duplicate images. (#1314)
  14. Remove redundant version from composer.json and add PHP version requirement. (#1333, #1328, #1334, #1332)
  15. Add .editorconfig file. (#1336, #51)
  16. Update i18n to make use of updated WP-CLI command. (#1329, #1327, #1341, #1345, #1393)
  17. Use all eligible post types when all_templates_supported is selected. (#1338, #1302, #1344)
  18. Respect default AMP enabled status when creating a new post in Gutenberg. (#1339)
  19. Add missing tabindex attribute to lightbox images. (#1350)
  20. Fix form sanitizer’s handling of relative actions by making them absolute. (#1352, #1349)
  21. Fix displaying of expected notices when theme support enabled by theme. (#1374, #1358)
  22. Fix handling responses to form submissions from an AMP Cache. (#1382, #1356)
  23. Replace Gutenberg’s deprecated isCleanNewPost selector. (#1387)
  24. Updates php-css-parser to include fix for parsing calc() with negative values. (#1392)

You can also see commits since 1.0-beta2. For a full list of the closed issues and merged pull requests in the 1.0 release cycle so far, see the 1.0 milestone. See also the 1.0 project board for the status what is remaining for the 1.0 release.

For more technical details on the latest changes in 1.0, please see the wiki pages for Adding Theme Support and Implementing Interactivity.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to test this v0.1-beta3 release of the AMP plugin and provide us with feedback.  Please download the pre-release build ( and then install and activate in your staging site. You can also checkout the 1.0-beta3-built tag from GitHub.

Did you find a bug? Do you have an idea for a feature request? Share it with us by opening an issue on the plugin repository.

Not Quite Ready for Production Yet

As usual, we tested this plugin quite a bit, but this software is still in development. We recommend you not (quite) yet ship this to your production site (although we are using it for ourselves in production).


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